Windsor police officers can now go for lunch in uniform

Expect to see more uniformed police officers spending their lunch breaks in the community.

The Windsor Police Service is changing its policy to allow officers to be in uniform while going out for lunch instead of remaining at police headquarters. The change will accommodate officers who as of January began working 12-hour shifts.

Windsor police chief Al Frederick fully supports the change, which takes effect immediately.

"Gives them [officers] some time to spend with their families in the middle of the day, go home, go to a restaurant, go to a sporting event, watch their children play hockey, whatever the case may be as long as they are within city limits. As opposed to coming into headquarters and sitting here for 90 minutes, not being visible to the community," said Frederick.

Frederick added that because officers will be in uniform, they can be deployed more rapidly than an officer working out at the gym at the station.

"They are ready to go. They are just a radio call away," he said.