Windsor principal writes warning letter after young girl 'accosted' while walking to school

A Windsor elementary school principal has sent a letter to parents and students warning about safe practices when walking to and from school after a young girl was allegedly accosted while returning from lunch.

The message from W.J. Langlois Catholic School principal Ian Drago said the incident involved a man in his "mid-20s" who was dressed in black and had "tattooed arms" and a student from Roseville Public School.

The man "rubbed her shoulders," said Drago in an interview with CBC, adding the experience was "really upsetting for the young woman."

The principal sent out his letter after Roseville principal Eileen Topliffe contacted him and other community members, including police about the incident.

Police investigating incident

Windsor police confirmed they are aware of the situation and continuing to investigate.

A crossing guard was on hand when the girl was approached, according to Topliffe, but the girl was "unsettled" by the exchange and spoke with staff — prompting praise from the principal that it was the "right thing to do."

In his letter Drago writes that he is reminding both students and parents about the need to be aware while walking to class.

"We just can't assume everything is safe," he said. "That's why we take precautions, that's why we have staff out, that's why schools have locked doors." 

The educator added his letter wasn't about causing alarm, it's just meant as a reminder of best practices such as safety in numbers and trusting your instincts.

"We always assume that we're safe because we live in a very safe city and a great community around us," he said. "But … we have to be aware of what's going on around us. It's the same reason why we have drills and fire alarms in place so incidents don't occur."