Windsor remembers Vimy Ridge battle at Great War Monument

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Windsor remembers Vimy Ridge battle at Great War Monument

A memorial service was held Wednesday morning at the Great War Monument downtown honouring those who fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Veteran Mike Akpata, who is also a town councillor in LaSalle, met several children, who expressed their gratitude for his service.

He was happy to see students at the memorial, celebrating and remembering Canadian soldiers who fought in the first World War.

"They've touched history," Akpata said. "My son calls it the black-and-white times — all of the pictures are in black and white. These children have never seen black-and-white pictures other than in books. To come here and see this, it's important because it ties Canada together."

Commemorating these historic battles is important for every community, according to retired sergeant Bob Kelly of the Canadian Airborne Regiment who served between 1953 to 1959.

"It's the 150th birthday of Canada and it's the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge and that's why we're here today," he said. 

Some visitors took a few moments after the memorial for quiet reflection, including Jim Trofin, would like to see more people visit the Great War Monument at city hall. 

"I wish more people would just stop and pause for a moment when they're here," he said.