Windsor students hosting public forum on racism

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Windsor students hosting public forum on racism

A newly formed Black Lives Matter group at the University of Windsor is holding a public discussion Friday night to probe what they say is racism in their community.

"It is an awkward topic to talk about" said organizer Deneece Plummer, a social work student. "That's why we want to get people in that have no idea that there is racism within Windsor, just to let them hear what is actually going on from the people that are experiencing it."

Plummer says she has encountered racism when shopping at certain stores.

"They are asking you: 'Do you need help with this? Help with that?' But you notice they aren't really asking anyone else," she said.

Plummer said she realizes progress has been made in terms of equality but there is a long way to go.

"It's very hidden, it's not so much overt ... It's not like what [people] see in the history books it's a different kind of racism."

Princess Doe grew up in Windsor, where she says she encounters some form of racism every day.

Doe said she feels like she is asked more questions than her white colleagues when conducting simple transactions like depositing a cheque at a bank. 

"It does hurt because I am a Canadian. I was born here, raised here and I want to be equal," Doe said.

The discussion, which is called #MakingItAwkward, will be held tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the School of Social work in downtown Windsor.