Windsor survey aims to prevent future flooding

The City of Windsor is asking residents to take 10 minutes to fill out a survey to prevent future flooding.

The Basement Flooding Survey is meant to gather information about factors about incidents including the Sept. 29 record-breaking rainfall that filled thousands of basements and sent the area into a state of emergency.

"The information provided will help the City deliver the most effective flood mitigation program and will be used to inform capital program decisions," explained city engineer Mark Winterton. 

The survey can be filled out online or in hard copy by contacting 311 until the end of April.

After the flood more than $100-million in insurance claims were filed. Some companies, including The Co-operators, now include prevention as part of their advice to customers when it comes to flooding.

On their website the company suggests residents should do the following before a flood:

- Inventory belongings before a flood with video or photos

- Create an emergency plan with a designated meeting place

- Prepare a 72-hour survival kit

- Clean drains, eavestroughs, downspouts etc.

- Turn downspouts away from walls

- Seal wall cracks

- Have a secondary sump pump for backup