Windsor's Gervais brothers had a junior hockey season for the ages

"A little jealousy, but just so happy for him," says Windsor's Julien Gervais about his younger brother Sebastien who won a Memorial Cup last month.

Sebastien's team the Saginaw Spirit captured junior hockey's top prize over the London Knights.

However, while the 19-year-old's team went all the way, Julien's team did not, but he was awarded for his individual success.

"I can always say that you never won, but you can always say you won MVP," said Sebastien.

Sebastien Gervais, left, and his older brother Julien are shown playing for their respective junior hockey teams in 2023-2024
Sebastien Gervais, left, and his older brother Julien are shown playing for their respective junior hockey teams in 2023-2024 (Radio-Canada/Billie Barrett/Calgary Canucks)

Julien, 20, played in the recent Junior A national championship for his club team the Calgary Canucks who lost in the semi-finals. But Julien walked away with tournament MVP honours at the Centennial Cup.

Despite his team being knocked out, Julien says being acknowledged for his play took away a little bit of the sting of losing.

"It was obviously tough. You want to work all year, want to win like my brother's situation … that's what they end up doing. But it was a pretty nice consolation prize for sure."

WATCH | Julien Gervais scores hat-trick at Centennial Cup:

Sebastien says winning the Memorial Cup in front of his team's home crowd was "really incredible," and made it extra special.

"I remember the last couple of seconds of the game … It's the biggest trophy in hockey. I still can't believe it. Still gives me goosebumps and I'm going to be able to have a day with it and it's just crazy that I can just see it.

Each member of the winning Memorial Cup team gets a day with the cup during the summer, and Sebastien says he's still not entirely sure what he's going to do on his day.

"We might go up to the cottage and just celebrate because that's really a safe spot for our family. But we also might just have a barbecue and bring it around where I train and just show the people like my friends and family what it really is and how cool it is that I can hold it for a day."

Julien says his success at the Centennial Cup looks as though it might parlay itself into a next move for his hockey career.

"Luckily for me, I can kind of go to school and play hockey at the same time. Moving on to school, I'm not sure exactly where I'm going to go yet but I have a few options that have opened up from what I created."

WATCH | Sebastien Gervais speaks to media after a Memorial Cup game:

And for Sebastien the end result is hopefully a professional career of some sort.

"I still have two more years of junior and I just have to work my way through that and hopefully pro comes. If not, then we'll see what happens."

The Gervais brothers say they've been playing hockey as long as they can remember but never have had the opportunity to play together in an organized setting — something they'd love to take place at some point, if possible.

"I think if we could play together, I'd be pretty scary," said Julien.