Wingham Armouries demolition over budget

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NORTH HURON – According to a recent report to council, the demolition of the Wingham Armouries is over budget.

The report stated removal of all hazardous materials was completed, building contents were removed, and demolition of the building has occurred. Due to finding more dangerous materials within the building and the added costs incurred at the time of demolition, paving of the area has not happened.

During the March 15, 2021 council meeting council approved the combined total of $112,198.60 to complete the demolition and paving of the armouries building. Total demolition cost (including extras) is $116,015.52, leaving a variance of $3,816.92.

Added costs were incurred to address more hazardous materials found within the building, Jamie McCarthy, director of public works, told council.

“Regardless of whether the building was sold, these unexpected costs would have been the responsibility of the township. Through the demolition process, some buried and historical infrastructure was located that was installed very close to the foundation. This resulted in the need for added equipment to safely remove the old concrete foundation and engineered fill in the area,” said McCarthy.

Council will discuss the lot's future, including a discussion about an enlargement to Town Hall to accommodate a permanent Council Chamber space and added staff offices.

Concerning the Wingham Armouries site, staff recommended delaying paving this site in 2021 to allow for a broader discussion regarding a permanent Council Chamber/staff office space.

North Huron joins Chamber of Commerce

Councillors agreed to support a recommendation by the Economic Development and Recovery Committee to join the Huron Chamber of Commerce. Council is hopeful that the purchase of a corporate-wide membership as an enhanced member will help with the promotion of business, economic development, and prosperity for the enrichment of North Huron.

Council considering full-time CBO

Council received a report regarding potential building service delivery options. After considering the alternatives, council directed staff to develop a draft full-time Chief Building Official job description and investigate possible shared building service delivery options with other municipalities.

Morris-Turnberry recently informed North Huron of their intention to opt out of the current shared building department agreement at the end of 2021.

Final Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Council adopted a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, which outlines strategies and actions to improve safety and well-being for everyone in the community. Council is optimistic that the plan will enhance how the township collaborates with community partners and residents on issues that impact safety and well-being within North Huron.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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