Wingham and Blyth BIA members approved for term

NORTH HURON – The township approved the Business Improvement Association (BIA) members for the 2022-26 term of council for both Wingham and Blyth, at the March 6 North Huron council meeting.

The Wingham BIA appointees are:

- Dave Tiffin;

- Doug Kuyvenhoven;

- Carolyn Young;

- Annette Monsma;

- Jim Snyder;

- Ryan Fergusson;

- Joey Havers; and

- Mitch Wright - council appointee;

The Blyth BIA appointees are:

- David Sparling;

- Shane Yerema;

- Cat O’Donnell;

- Cindy Soares;

- Angela Cullen;

- John Stewart;

- JoAnn Todd;

- Rachael King; and

- Kevin Falconer - council appointee.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times