Wingham Firefighters’ Association receives approval for Canada Day fireworks

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WINGHAM – North Huron council approved a request from the Wingham Firefighters’ Association authorizing the annual Canada Day fireworks at the Libro Ball Field.

Community Engagement Coordinator Denise Lockie prepared the report, which stated, “For the past 20-plus years, the Wingham Firefighters’ Association has set off display fireworks for the community on July 1 at the Libro Ball Field.

“The cost of the fireworks is covered by the firefighters through fundraising events and asking for donations to watch the fireworks.”

Deputy Fire Chief Chad Kregar is in charge of the event; he holds a Fireworks Supervisory Certificate from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Mining, which authorizes him to discharge the high-level commercial fireworks.

Members of the fire department will be on standby during the event.

The township’s fireworks bylaw requires council’s permission to host a display of fireworks on municipal property.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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