Wingham Patrol Yard upgrades to include new material domes

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WINGHAM – Improved winter maintenance plans were on the table again during the Huron County council meeting on April 20.

Due to their deteriorating condition, the public works department began looking into possible improvements to the salt and sand domes at the patrol yard in 2019.

In 2020, KPMG conducted a review that suggested several improvements, including replacing the existing facility and salt/sand domes at the Wingham Patrol Yard.

Huron County issued a request for proposals (RFP) on March 7, looking for the detailed design required to create construction drawings for the new shop and material storage building, including the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil drawings.

Huron County awarded RJ Burnside and Associates the contract for the detailed design for improvements to the Wingham Patrol Yard, with a bid of $386,659.51. Their bid came in under the 2022 budget of $400,000, leaving $13,340.49 to be placed in the Highway Reserve Fund for future use.

In his report, Manager of Public Works Cameron Harper said that, “The county has worked with RJ Burnside in the past on other structural transportation projects and has no concerns recommending them for the award.

“RJ Burnside and Associates has a proven track record of completing projects of similar scope and are qualified for this project. Huron County Public Works Department believes that they will successfully complete the project to the standard that is expected.

“The public works department is anticipating that this design can be completed so the county can tender the construction contract late 2022 or early 2023 for 2023 construction.”

The total estimated cost for completing this work is $5.6 million. Once the detailed design is completed, the county will issue an RFP for the construction.

The public works department also outlined future capital improvements similar to this one for the Zurich and Wroxeter Patrol Yards, which could happen by 2024 if approved.

The KPMG report also recommended adjusting some of the county’s plow routes to “create a more equally distributed workload between the yards. This would allow for future growth as road classifications move up requiring improved response times to ice and snow events. The KPMG report also recommended moving the bridge crew and sign shop from Wroxeter to Wingham once complete.”

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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