Winnipeg ex-diver going to world cheerleading championships

A former world-class diver will be one of four Manitobans representing Canada at an international cheerleading competition this spring.

Kevin Geyson, who retired from international diving competition just last year, is now preparing for the 2013 ICU World Cheerleading Championships, which will take place April 25-26 in Orlando, Florida.

Geyson was most recently part of cheer teams for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the University of Manitoba Bisons.

In their Team Canada tryout video — click on the video player above to watch it — Geyson and teammate Kevin Cady are seen lifting up and supporting another cheerleader, as well as performing their own flips and acrobatic moves.

Before he retired, Geyson represented Canada in a number of international diving championships.

He suffered a major injury in 2011, when he was hit by a car outside a Shanghai sports centre where he was competing in the world aquatics championships.

Geyson will be talking about his latest challenge with the CBC's Marcy Markusa, host of Information Radio, at 6:50 a.m. on CBC Radio One.