Coworkers help locate missing 80-year-old man

Police asked for the public's help finding a missing senior, and they got it. 

Crosby Davey was reported missing from St. Boniface on Thursday, and police said they were concerned about his well-being.

Just after noon, when a confused senior wandered into Epic Opportunities, staff there hadn't yet seen the missing-persons report. 

But "he wandered into the right office," said Varina Sidley, an administrative assistant at the non-profit on Dublin Avenue near St. James Street. "The kind of work we do, we work with vulnerable adults, adults with disabilities," Sidley said. "He was adamant that his wife was there for a meeting. When she was not there, he asked to use the washroom and then he left afterwards." 

When a coworker went to leave at 4 p.m., she recognized a man sitting in his truck in their parking lot as the man who had come in earlier. 

"Realizing that he'd been in his truck most of the afternoon, in and around our parking lot, that's when it really clued in ...  that something wasn't quite right," she said. 

Her husband pulled up Facebook on his phone and said he recognized that truck from the missing persons post. They called police, who advised them to sit tight. 

But when it looked like the man was starting the vehicle and might leave, so they invited the man back inside for a coffee. 

"We were pretty concerned about him earlier, and I'm glad that it was all able to get pieced together that way, that he wasn't wandering around for another night with people looking for him," Sidley said. "We're glad we were able to locate him."

"I haven't actually located any missing people before, so this is a first for me!"