Winnipeg shoppers rush for Boxing Day deals

Ripped-up Christmas wrapping is still crumpled around decorated trees but many Winnipeggers haven't had enough shopping.

It's Boxing Day and the retail rush is on again.

Shoppers poured through the doors at stores long before any sign of sunrise on Wednesday.

Many stores in Winnipeg opened at 6 a.m. and had hundreds of people waiting outside — despite temperatures of –24 C — for the chance to grab a deal and get out of the bitter cold.

And it was shopping with a purpose at Best Buy, according to CBC News reporter Ryan Hicks, who was on hand for the frenzy.

"No one is leisurely browsing the aisles here," he said. "You're dodging people with carts and huge televisions as they try to get through the checkout and onto the next store."

Roughly 200 people were outside Best Buy before it opened, including one person who braved the freezing temperatures for nearly 12 hours, warpped in blankets.

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