'Winter has come:' Woman and dog located in North Shore Rescue's 1st snow call this season

The North Shore Rescue crew completed its first wintry search of the season, after a woman became lost in the Cypress Bowl area Sunday night.

A woman hiking with her dog near the Cypress ski resort phoned 911 after she got lost while on the Eagle Bluffs trail around 7 p.m.

Search manager Allan McMordie said as soon as the woman realized she was lost, she stopped moving around and instead waited in one spot for rescuers to find her.

The woman was not carrying a light when she realized it was getting darker and colder on the mountain, McMordie said.

"Winter has come … It had just started snowing as we started the search," said McMordie. "This is the first winter search of 2019 for us, so it's pretty cold."

The woman's cellphone had just enough battery to send a text message to rescuers, who were able use it to pinpoint her location.

"This was not that difficult … we were able to drive up the ski run with our vehicles," said McMordie.

Rescuers brought the woman and her dog safely back to the Cypress Bowl parking lot just before midnight Sunday. Both were cold but uninjured.