Winter Olympics gets off to an early start on 'The Tonight Show'

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Olympic curlers, and brother and sister duo, Becca and Matt Hamilton joined Jimmy Fallon and Jason Sudeikis for an early Olympics. Your average curling stone varies in weight between 38 and 44 pounds but for the sake of television, they made due with a stone that maybe have been between 1 and 3 pounds. Their mini-curling board was pretty adorable. Becca and Jimmy were teamed up against Jason and Matt. Becca and Jimmy got off to a pretty quick lead but Matt turned out to by quite the Olympian, snagging a ten point lead. But Jimmy was not to be trifled with as he quickly took that away with a little stone to stone bump.

It came down to a tie breaker that between rivals Becca and Jason and although Becca has Olympic credentials, Jason overcame her one point score with a two point score for the tie-breaking win.