Winter Skin Care Products That Prevent Dry And Chapped Lips, Face, And Body

Most Canadians feel the impact the harsh winter has on our skin. While Mother Nature seems relentless at this time of year, we’re not giving up hope — there are some tried and tested beauty products available online that help keep chapped, dry skin at bay. 

Check out our roundup of top creams and serums that we’ll be using religiously to nourish and protect our skin this winter.

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Amore Pacifica Green Tea Lip Serum

Targeted to nourish and smooth lips with green tea seed oil and essence, the applicator (designed to resemble the shape of a green tea leaf) swipes over lips easily, delivering a nourishing serum that is easily absorbed. We love that it comes in a wear-everywhere clear gloss, as well as two shades that are lightly tinted. Get it here.

Schaf Eye Cream Nightcream

We’re big fans of skin products doing the work for us while we sleep, and this dual-purpose eye and night cream works wonders while we’re dreaming. A pat or two under the eyes delivers a firming result for daytime use, while an all-over facial massage with this nourishing night cream before bed does the trick as an anti-aging moisturizer. Get it here.

Consonant Vitamin B3 + Zinc Clarity Serum

This serum targets blemishes and congestion to help soothe and protect our skin. We suggest doubling up with the brand’s best-selling Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream For Dry Skin, which is particularly formulated for additional hydration and perfect for protection from the elements at this brutal time of year. Get it here.

Skinfix 911 Ointment

Another must-have is this multi-purpose healing balm from Canadian skin care brand Skinfix, which protects and soothes sore, dry skin. We’ve found it works particularly well on skin tears and chapped lips. Get it here.

Basd Invigorating Mint Body Lotion

We adore the invigorating mint scent in this lotion from Basd. We keep a bottle on hand for daily touch-ups as well as our bedtime routine. This organic aloe and shea butter combo works wonders on our heels, elbows, and hands while we sleep. Get it here.

1’Lux Velvet Mitts Hand + Nail Crème

You’ll find this shea butter cream tucked into our purse all winter long. Not only does the subtle scent invite us to draw in a deep calming breath, but the narrow applicator makes this rich blend an ideal fix for cuticles, nails, and hands. Get it here.

Cocoon Apothecary Orange Blossom Facial Cream

This beautiful argan and neroli cream from Cocoon Apothecary is designed for oily and combination skin. It goes on light and is easily absorbed to fight wrinkles and dryness. We love it layered over the brand’s Nordic Boost Hydrating Serum for the extra protection of additional moisture to resist the impact of drying winter weather. Get it here.

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter

There’s something satisfying about massaging a soft scoop of Weleda Skin Food Body Butter into our winter-parched skin. The body butter nourishes our skin from head to toe and offers great value for money as the pot is generously sized and a little goes a long way. Get it here.

Indie Lee Energizing Body Oil

Getting out of bed in the morning is a tough ask when the sun is barely up, but this revitalizing body oil from Indie Lee makes our morning routine all the more motivating. We love how instantly hydrating this luxurious oil blend is, and that the convenient spray nozzle keeps mess to a minimum. Get it here.

Evio Skin Revitalizing Oil Serum

This golden-hued serum feels so luxurious on our skin we had to do a double take at the price: $24! Made with cannabis sativa seed oil (not to be confused with CBD or THC), it comes out of the sleek bottle quite generously so a little pump is all you need to massage this nourishing oil serum into your entire face and lips. Get it here.

La Ceiba Eye Balm

This little pot is absolute magic; we loved it from the moment we massaged it around our eyes and enjoyed the luxurious feel of it sinking into our skin. Thick enough to nourish yet somehow easy to spread with our fingers, we honestly can’t wait to apply it every morning! Get it here.

Province Apothecary Restoring Face Balm

The Protecting & Restoring Face Balm works beautifully to nourish and provide a protective barrier when facing icy temperatures and winds, and can also be used to heal scars post-injury. Get it here.

Province Apothecary Healing Eczema Balm

A staple in both our beauty cabinets and our first aid kits, we reach for this balm as soon as the weather starts to turn cold. Made in Canada from locally sourced botanical ingredients, the eczema balm soothes cold weather-inflamed skin as well as minor skin irritations and itching due to eczema (it also calms rashes, poison ivy and insect bites). Get it here.


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