Winter Storm Creates Dangerous Driving Conditions in Ames, Iowa

Driving conditions on US Route 30 near Ames, Iowa, worsened on Friday, January 17, after high winds hit and 3.5 inches of snow fell by 1.15 pm, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

According to the NWS, Friday’s moderate to heavy snowfall was forecast to transition to freezing rain and drizzle by Saturday. At least 3 to 6 inches of snow were predicted in western Iowa, with wind gusts expected to reach up to 45 mph.

“The gusty winds will also create widespread, significant visibility reductions on Saturday, especially over northern and central Iowa. This is when whiteout or near-whiteout conditions with hazardous to dangerous travel is expected,” an NWS warning said.

According to local news reports, transportation crews were out early beginning Friday in order to monitor the road conditions. Credit: Kevin Cavallin via Storyful