Wish list includes $28.5 million Wellness Centre

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The Town of Bay Roberts has voted to approve a number of municipal capital works funding request applications for various projects around town.

The number one priority was for water, sewer, and storm sewer upgrades. The total funding required would be $7,962,000, with a municipal share of $1,592,400.

That request in broken down into several smaller projects.

Councillor Geoff Seymour noted that, according to Director, Public Works & Technical Services Sean Elms, that breaking down larger projects into phases will likely result in more funding approvals.

“I heard the same thing,” agreed deputy mayor Walter Yetman.

“The smaller amounts are easier approved, because they’re trying to spread the funding to more places.”

Second on the list was upgrades to the Bay Arena floor. Total funding for that project would $1.6 million, with a municipal share of $640,000.

The final, and most expensive request, was for a Regional Wellness Center, which requires $28.5 million, with a municipal share of $11,400,000.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News