Witness Tyronn Lue's unrivaled passion for watching Summer League ball

Tyronn Lue looks around to see where the cameras are, and if the coast is clear. (Getty)

After a slow start to his time at Las Vegas Summer League, Lonzo Ball has come on over the past couple of games. The rookie point guard’s floor game is giving Los Angeles Lakers fans plenty to cheer. His shoe game is giving onlookers cause for gawking and speculation. His presence and performance are helping inject new life into the proceedings in the desert:

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It seems, however, that not everybody was feeling that energy during the Lakers’ Thursday night matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Yep, that’s Cavs coach Tyronn Lue, evidently not so overcome with excitement by Lonzo’s playmaking exploits that he couldn’t keep from catching a couple of third-quarter winks.

It is possible that Lue merely found himself the victim of an unfortunately timed and angled shot by ESPN’s cameras, and that he was just briefly tilting his head down to look at something in a way that made it look as if his eyes were closed as he dozed.

It is also possible, however, that your dude was just tuckered.

It’s hard to blame anyone for feeling the need to catch up on sleep after spending a week out in Vegas. This is a tough time to conk out, though, Ty — you’re missing the young man’s second straight triple-double!

Ball finished with 16 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds to help the Lakers to a 94-83 win over the Cavs. L.A. advanced to the quarterfinals of the Summer League tournament, facing the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday.

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Cleveland’s tourney run, however, has concluded, which is sour news for the SummerCavs’ players. On the other hand, at least now they can all join Coach Lue in pursuing some needed and restorative rest. Over the last few years, NBA teams have grown smarter about the dangers of sleep deficits and more aware of how to try to address the negative impact they can have on player performance. Shouts to you, Coach Lue, for showing true and real leadership on this important part of the sports science revolution.

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