Woman arrested over single marijuana plant could be spared criminal charges, Alberta RCMP say

Woman arrested over single marijuana plant could be spared criminal charges, Alberta RCMP say

An Alberta woman who was arrested on the weekend after RCMP found a single marijuana plant in her home might face alternative measures instead of criminal charges, police say. 

RCMP executed a search warrant at a home in Hanna, about 200 kilometres northeast of Calgary, on Saturday where they found one marijuana plant and equipment used for growing. 

The plant was in plain view in a window of the house, "a blatant, obvious violation," said RCMP spokesman Cpl. Curtis Peters. 

Police seized the plant and the equipment and arrested a 48-year-old woman at the home. She was charged with production and possession of marijuana.

Alternative measures

She was released and was scheduled to appear in court April 26. However, Peters told CBC News on Monday that RCMP are speaking to Crown prosecutors about the possibility of pursuing alternative measures instead of charges.

The Liberal government is expected to introduce legislation in the House of Commons this week which, if passed, will make marijuana legal in Canada, possibly by next year.

But until that happens, it remains against the law to possess, use, buy or sell marijuana, Cpl. Laurel Scott said Sunday — adding that it's a law police will continue to enforce.

The arrest provoked criticism of the police on social media, including from pot activist Dana Larsen, a marijuana legalization activist who returned to Calgary with free marijuana seeds last Friday, despite a looming court date related to a similar event last year.

And High! Canada tweeted, "Come on?! This is getting downright absurd!"

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