Woman bakes beautiful ‘DUMP HIM’ cake for her good friend who just won’t take a hint

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Having a friend who’s in a toxic relationship can be hard on any friend group. But when that same friend comes venting to you day after day, week after week, without taking any of your advice, it can get pretty frustrating.

That seems to be what happened recently with Kennedy Elyse Meyers (@kennedymeyers), a TikToker so tired of her friend’s relationship drama that she decided to send her a message that she couldn’t ignore.

“One of my friends is in the group chat stressing us out, so maybe this is a message she needs to receive via cake,” Meyers said in a recent video.

“Hot Girl Summer 23 is around the corner,” Meyers added in the post caption. “Dump him IMMEDIATELY.”

During the 55-second video, Meyers carefully crafts a heart-shaped cake that she knows her friend will enjoy. For one thing, the actual cake is made of chocolate, which is her friend’s favorite, and the two layers are held together by Oreo cheesecake filling. (Yum!)

Meyers covers the cake with a hearty layer of vanilla frosting, followed by another layer of pink frosting, before she finally tops it off with some decorative icing, cherries and a written message on top that says: “DUMP HIM.”

As she makes the cake, Meyers dances around the kitchen to “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly & AJ, which at least one commenter later called “a vibe.” She also tries to explain that she definitely has empathy for her friend’s situation, but at a certain point, she knew she had to get real with her.

“She wanted advice, and so we told her to leave that [expletive] alone,” Meyers says in the clip. “Now, she can’t read.”

“And I definitely take a judgment-free zone approach to my friendships,” the TikToker continues. “Until you start acting like a dud. Until you start forgetting your worth.”

When she’s finally done with her creation, Meyers holds it up proudly and says, “When you see this, just know it’s time, alright? You’re too fine to be in the house crying.”

Since sharing her video, it’s gone on to earn more than 4.3 million views. In the process, it’s also been resonating deeply with other people who might need to hear the same ruthless message right about now.

“‘Now she can’t read,'” one person quoted her. “She is me.”

“I need a friend like you,” another person wrote in the comments.

In reply, Meyers told them, “If you need to break up w your man I’m only one call away.”

“sometimes this is exactly how direct you have to be,” said someone else.

“Like HELLLLOOO,” replied Meyers in agreement.

Others simply bowed down to Meyers’ cake-baking talents and excellent taste in music.

“A life lesson and a cake tutorial??” one person wrote. “Sign me up!”

“Potential breakup song is such a bop!” added someone else.

But most of all, people applauded Meyers’ approach to a very sticky topic since most people in her position might not have the courage to give their friend the brutally honest truth.

“You’re the friend everyone needs in their life,” one person wrote.

Sure seems like it.

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