Woman falls off balcony, breaks 110 bones in 'extreme yoga' pose

Olivia Bowden
Woman practising 'extreme yoga' falls and breaks 110 bones.
Woman practising 'extreme yoga' falls and breaks 110 bones.

Yoga often involves relaxing music, meditation and a comforting environment like a beach or spa.

But, Alexa Terrazas from Chihuahua, Mexico, seemingly wanted none of those things, attempting ‘extreme yoga’ while hanging off the side of a balcony.

Moments after a photo was taken of the 23-year-old hanging upside-down, she fell 25-metres and broke 110 bones.

The college student, who was living in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, was known to practice extreme poses on her balcony, reports the El Imparcial.

Terrazas is lucky to be alive after hitting the pavement and suffering fractures to all her limbs and head. After 11 hours of surgery, her legs were “rebuilt” and doctors believe it may be three years until she can walk again.

Authorities told El Imparcial that the only reason for the fall is an accident, as the balcony and rail are structurally sound.

Reactions on social media to Terrazas’ fall and injuries have not been entirely sympathetic.

“Definitely a strong contestant for the 2019 Darwin award”, wrote one Twitter user.

This woman’s fall has many people talking about chasing potentially dangerous and taboo stunts for social media, like taking photos at Chernobyl to sharing pictures at a toxic lake in Russia.

Some have taken their social media accounts to the extreme, by scaling buildings or hanging off bridges.

Not all social media users however, are after the thrill:

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