Woman breaks world record with 5-inch long eyelashes

Hannah Kramer

A woman from China has broken the world record for the longest eyelashes in the world.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Shanghai's You Jianxia has lashes that measure almost five-inches long. The 49-year-old woman has never trimmed her eyelashes or gotten extensions -- we had no idea that eyelashes could get that long.

The whisker-like hairs are so long that she can hold them together.

(Guinness Book of World Records)

Photo: Guinness Book of World Records

The record book explains that Jianxia first noticed the extreme growth rate of her eyelashes when she embarked on an "eighteen month nature retreat in 2013." The lashes are longest on her upper left eyelid, a length she attributes to "the life she leads at one with nature."

Scientists have explained that the ideal eyelash length should be much shorter, instead measuring one-third of the width of your eye -- this appropriate length helps protect your eyes from drying out your cornea and from dust.

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