Woman delivers baby on train at railway station in central India

A woman gave birth to a baby girl on the Rishikesh-Puri Utkal Express train at Khurai railway station in Central India's Madhya Pradesh on Friday 3 September. Visuals show the train waiting at the railway station while the woman holds the baby in her arms. Passengers flock to the compartment to get a closer look, while police control the situation. Railway Police Force (RPF) head constable, BK Tiwari said that the train halted at Khurai around 10:04pm local time, when the woman, traveling from Nizamuddin to Raigarh, started experiencing labor pain. Hearing about this, former National Security Guard (NSG) commando Manoj Rai, a social worker of Khurai, rushed along with his companions to assist the couple. Meanwhile, station manager General Practitioner Chaurasia, sent two women Vimala Bai and Kunwar Bai, residents of Sahodra Rai Ward, along with point man Rajkumar Gautam, to further aid the delivery. The train's guard, Naval Kishore Bajaj, was under constant pressure to leave the station, which he managed at 10:39pm, after the baby was safely delivered. Both the mother and infant were admitted to hospital for guided care.