Woman discovers terrifying feature in her family's new home: 'Please let the police know about this!'

A woman’s TikTok of her two-way mirror discovery is terrifying.

A family was horrified to unearth a secret two-way mirror and mysterious camera wires in the bathroom wall of their new home.

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18-year-old Annabell Mickelson posted the discovery on TikTok. Her family had just moved into a house in Arizona and first realized something suspicious was going on when they couldn’t remove a mirror from the wall.

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“I’m a little scared,” Mickelson captioned the video, which now has almost 3 million views.

In the video, Mickelson’s family can be seen examining the walls by the bathroom with the mirror. After dissecting the wall, the group realizes it’s hiding a tiny room filled with electrical cords, cabinets and a secret two-way mirror.

Mickelson herself then scratches at the back of the irremovable mirror with a razor to show that it’s a coat of paint, suggesting that it was a two-way mirror.

“We were right!” she captioned the discovery. “It was a two-way mirror! We messed up the mirror but oh well.”

“Please let the police know about this!” one concerned user commented.

“I’m creeped out now,” another added. “I have a mirror like that and our landlord told us that we can’t take it down.”

“There [is] no [way] you randomly discovered this,” someone wrote. “You didn’t look at the house first? I’m sure they disclose this to you before you bought the house.”

“We didn’t know about it,” Mickelson explained.

Many TikTokers debunked the two-way mirror theory and suggested that the setup could have been for an aquarium or TV.

“[It’s] a built-in aquarium and [they] painted the glass to be a mirror after to save a big hole in the wall,” one pointed out.

But in a follow-up video, Mickelson seemed unconvinced that it could be anything other than a two-way mirror.

“This was a party house,” she explained. “The neighbors have told us this … There’s a hole in my backyard that has $20,000 in it that someone came and asked for the money after [the previous owner] died.”

While the $20,000 isn’t verified and Mickelson insists that her family had no idea, for now, they’re keeping the house. But TikTok seemed worried that there could be other things hidden on the mysterious property.

“Please be careful not to reveal too much of your home or the layout,” someone commented. “You never know who is asking for it or what their intentions are.”

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