Woman enraged by friend’s vacation packing suggestions: ‘You weren’t telling her what to wear’

A woman is wondering if she offended her friend by commenting on their clothing.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her in-laws are very conservative and have a lot of say in who family members marry. Her friend is trying to marry into the same family. But when the friend asked her if their clothing would be approved by the in-laws, she gave her honest opinion. The friend didn’t want to hear it one bit.

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“Before anybody in my husband’s family gets married, they ask the grandparents for their approval/permission,” she explained. “If they say no, the marriage usually doesn’t happen. The only time a no still led to a marriage was when my husband’s parents married. Fitting into my husband’s family was extremely difficult in the beginning, and the only reason I got a yes is because I was already pregnant by the time my husband introduced me to everyone.”

“My friend is dating my husband’s cousin and has been for longer than I’ve been with my husband. This trip was the first time she was meeting the family officially, though. I was with her while she was packing and I noticed she was packing revealing outfits and nothing more toned down.

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“I tried to hint to her to pack some of her more conservative outfits and her nicer outfits too because I know how some of my in-laws can be and I know how much is riding on this trip for her,” the Redditor said. “She wasn’t getting my hints and eventually when she asked me what I thought of a dress she was packing I told her I didn’t think the clothes she was packing were appropriate and that it wasn’t going to win their approval (which is what she wants).”

“She got angry at me for trying to dictate what she could wear and told me that since they said yes to me after I showed up already knocked up, they would definitely say yes to her. She ended up kicking me out and things were extremely awkward between us during the flight there since she was still angry at me.”

Redditors didn’t think the poster did anything wrong.

“You weren’t telling her what to wear but giving her much needed heads up about the situation she was going into,” a person commented.

“You were only doing your part as her friend,” another wrote.

“She asked for your opinion, you gave it,” someone added.

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