Woman falls into fire at annual Norooz celebration in West Vancouver

A woman is recovering after losing her balance and going hand-first into a fire at the 27th annual Persian New Year festival in West Vancouver's Ambleside park March 14.

West Vancouver assistant fire chief Jeff Bush said there were four rows of approximately six fires for festival participants to jump over — which is a tradition at celebrations marking Norooz, the Persian New Year.

"We did have one lady that did trip…. She did lose her balance and went hand-first into one of the fires," Bush said, adding that she fell into the fire around 10:25 p.m. PT, just as crews were in the process of extinguishing the fires.

The woman's right hand was burned, and she quickly received first aid on site and was then taken to hospital, he said.

Some other participants also fell into the fires, but no injuries were reported, Bush added.

The organizers of the event had a permit for the fires, and there was a fire engine crew on site, Bush said.

With files from Gian-Paolo Mendoza