Woman Gets Emotional After Meeting Granddaughter For The First Time

This is the heartwarming moment when loving grandmother meet her granddaughter for the first time after she was unexpectedly brought to her as an epic surprise. Once she realizes what's going on she instantly begins to cry. Such a emotional moment! This grandmother is going going to remember this moment forever!

Adorable footage shows grandma Kathy meeting baby Maiya for the first time and trying to hold back the tears that come running down like a waterfall. What a precious moment!

Anyone who's had the honour and the pleasure to meet and spend time with their grandparents is very lucky and sure knows how Kathy is feeling. This adorable lady goes from ecstatic to emotion all in one minute.

The moment Kathy walks in the room and sees baby Maiya wrapped in a white blanket she screams for joy and cannot contain her excitement. She didn’t know that baby Maiya was visiting and had the surprise of a lifetime. Watch as she screams and holds her head, left for words!

Kathy becomes red in the face and has to sit down. This came as a real shock and Kathy didn’t see it coming! Moments later, she is sitting on a chair and holding her tiny granddaughter for the first time! Immediately after, Kathy gets a teary eye and bursts into tears!

This adorable lady looks at Maiya with loving eyes and pure heart. This little baby is already loved! Judging by Kathy’s look, her nana will love her to the moon and back!