A woman got a disastrous blowout but didn't want to complain about it for fear of being labeled an 'Ask the Manager' type

Maggie DePalo blowout
Maggie DePalo was not expecting the blowout to look like it did.Screenshot/TikTok - maggiehughesdepal
  • TikToker Maggie DePalo gained attention with a video of a wild blowout she received.

  • She showed a picture of her hair sticking straight up like a tidal wave at the end of the video.

  • Viewers were highly amused and made jokes comparing her hair to popular '80s styles.

Chicago comedian Maggie DePalo shared the awful outcome of a recent blowout on TikTok, shocking viewers with her over-the-top 80s 'do.

In the clip, viewed nearly a million times since it was posted on November 7, DePalo said she went to a new boutique, whose name she did not want to disclose, for the first time in early November.

She said it was chaotic, with a cluster of people styling her hair and staffing the shop.

"Multiple people ferociously use round brushes on you, so many round brushes," she said. "At one point, my head was way down, and when I looked up, and I came to, somebody else was pouring some white powder on my hair. The woman that was originally doing it is now answering the door, and they're selling purses."

DePalo told Insider that when she went in, she told the stylists she had a big show that evening and wanted some "volume" because her hair is "naturally flat, very flat."

"It's pretty disturbing, so, trigger warning," she said before showing the "after" picture of her styling odyssey.

Despite the cataclysmic results, DePalo said in the video that she didn't ask to fix it because she was concerned about being perceived as an "ask for the manager" type of person.

"Let's just say it wasn't exactly what I had anticipated, but I was too afraid to ask for the manager because I'm white and I have blonde hair, and I don't wanna end up on the 9 o'clock news," she said.

Commenters thought the style was hilarious and made numerous quips about how her head looked like it was teleported in from the 80s when big, ostentatious hair was in vogue.

"Did they fax you your bill as well?" one top commenter wrote. "Was that 'boutique' called Glamour Shots?" another person said.

DePalo told Insider that she noticed the wild hair results in the mirror at the shop but said she didn't want to "insult someone" or complain and make them repeat the process from the start.

"When I got in my car and my hair reached the ceiling, I realized it was far worse than I thought," she said. She said she tried to brush it down, but it "remained pretty blown the whole day."

"If you saw me at Zanies Chicago that evening, you'd say I looked taller in person," she said, referencing a local comedy club.

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