Woman investigates noise coming from ceiling and finds raccoon living there

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Kasey Zach
Kasey Zach

A woman named Kasey Zach was disturbed when she discovered that a very unwelcome visitor had been living in her ceiling for months.

On Nov. 6, Zach uploaded a video to TikTok explaining how she was left “shaking” after finding out what exactly was causing all the noise in the walls.

After her landlord ignored her pleas for two months, Zach decided to take matters into her own hands and figure out what’s been creating all the noise.



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“I’ve been hearing animals in the walls for two months now and I told my landlord it’s not squirrels, I swear to God it’s not squirrels,” she explained. She was so sure of this, in fact, that she decided to cut a hole in the ceiling and prove it to her landlord.

She held her phone up in the hole and took a recording — and what she captured on camera was a raccoon.

“I’m gonna throw up,” Zach remarked as the raccoon stared into the camera.

Many people were extremely freaked out by Zach’s revelation.

“I would [have] passed out bye,” one person said.

“Yooo I jumped and screamed I’m literally terrified of rodents,” another added.

Others thought the raccoon was actually kind of adorable.

“Aw it’s just a baby,” one person said.

“I love him,” another wrote.

In a series of follow-up videos, Zach updated her followers on the raccoon situation. Apparently, as soon as she made the hole in her ceiling, her room started to smell, and so she relocated to her roommate’s bedroom and, later, her parents’ house.

At first, Zach didn’t know what the smell was, but she later learned that it was due to the fact that the raccoon died. She wasn’t happy that the little guy died, but she was happy that he was out of her ceiling.

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