Woman lost $25K in scam, say Charlottetown police

Windsor police say local fraud victims eligible for Western Union refund

Charlottetown police are warning the public after a woman lost about $25,000 in a scam.

Police said the victim told them she received a telephone call from someone who claimed to be a bank investigator working with the RCMP on a fraud case.

The woman said she was told to send $900 via Western Union, as part of the investigation. She was told her money would be returned. She was also asked to purchase 320 iTunes cards, and to send the validation codes to the scammer, to which she complied.

Asked to withdraw $100K

The woman was then asked to withdraw $100,000, said police, and to wait for further instructions, to which she didn't comply.

Police said they are investigating the case, and warning others to be aware of similar scams.

"Police and bank investigators do not conduct business using any of the above mentioned methods. Please contact your local police agency if you feel you have been defrauded," Charlottetown police said in a release.

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