Woman makes shocking discovery after finding boyfriend’s ‘shady’ social media profile: ‘Dump him’

Emerald Pellot
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A 21-year-old woman discovered her boyfriend’s NSFW Reddit comments and didn’t know what to do.

She went on Reddit’s “relationship_advice” forum for advice. Her boyfriend of two years encouraged her to join Reddit, so she did. She followed her boyfriend’s account only to find out he commented on women’s photos for nude pictures in return.

“I really do not know what to do,” she said. “My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years now. My boyfriend encouraged me to make a Reddit and he even used to show me his posts about his video games when he was excited. Since I made a Reddit account, I thought it would be a good idea to follow him and support his posts he makes. So I looked for a screenshot he sent me and saw his username.”

But the Reddit poster was mortified by what she uncovered.

“But when I looked him up, I saw that he comments on girls’ photos for nudes on a subreddit and it made my chest sink in. I understand that the people on the subreddit are sex workers just sharing their work to people but I am more upset at him,” she explained.

Reddit users thought the boyfriend’s behavior was inappropriate.

“Not all men are sick on porn. Even the men in your age group will have guys who know it’s fake and shady,” someone wrote.

“Dump him,” another said.

“He’s cheating on you,” a user commented.

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