Woman Narrowly Escapes Landslide in North Wales

A woman filmed the moment she narrowly escaped a landslide at a north Wales beach on April 19.

Amanda Stubbs told Storyful she was taking a stroll along Nefyn Beach when she noticed part of the adjacent cliff crumbling.

“This [video] was taken on the beach just 200 yards from our holiday home in Nefyn,” Stubbs said, adding, “although I have seen the aftermath of many small landslides I have never witnessed one of this scale first hand.”

At the 2’40’’ mark of her video what begins as light crumbling leads to a rapid collapse of an entire section of cliff, sending soil into the water.

Police urged the public to “avoid the area until further notice” as emergency and utilities services worked to make the beach safe. No deaths or injuries were reported. Credit: Amanda Stubbs via Storyful

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