Woman Opens Halloween Strip Club with Skeletons Pole Dancing in Her Texas Yard, Served Notice

Buzz Staff
·2 min read

With Halloween around the corner, it seems even ghosts need their own adult time. Hence, how about some fun at a strip club?

A Halloween decoration in Texas seems to have gone one notch higher, with a woman creating a strip club in her yard where one can see skeletons doing pole dance!

Initially it started with only one skeleton but now it has grown into a full adult club named 'Candy Bar' and it also has a bouncer, so beware.

As per Daily Mail, the bar constitute of Candy the dancer, Vanessa the waitress, John the frequent customer and his wife Millie, Dalton the security guard who is responsible for checking IDs, Rico the enthusiastic patron and ofcourse like all human clubs, this place too has the underage McLovins, who are unable to get in.

However, it hasn't been an easy task for resident Angela Nava to maintain her spooky strip club as there has been a complaint from the local homeowners' association.

The association has alleged that the positions of the skeletons was offensive and inappropriate to the family-friendly neighbourhood. Nava has been served a notice of 30 days to have her club removed.

But Nava decides to keep it as her neighbours have showed her a lot of love and no one has had any complaint against it.

"I was a little sad," she said on receiving the notice. Initially deciding to comply and shut the scene down, she later though she would continue to do it after receiving a lot of support off of Facebook, reports New York Post.

Nava even changes the positions of her haunted strip club members daily and plays the keeps the music on for about eight hours daily.

The idea of this haunted fantasy first struck her at the beginning of the pandemic, and has provided to be "creative outlet" from everything that has gone haywire in 2020.