Woman orders bouquet of poppies and hilariously receives flowers shaped like puppy instead

A woman has shared the amusing results of her recent flower order.

Sarah Hollingsworth took to TikTok to share what she received after she ordered a bouquet of poppies over the phone. According to the woman, the plan was to take the flowers to an exhibit in San Diego, California.

“I said I wanted some poppy flowers as it’s the name of my company, but also the flower of California,” she said, referencing her baby registry company named Poppylist, according to Fox News.

Due to her schedule, she couldn’t pick up the flowers herself and had her parents do it. She was shocked to receive not a bouquet of poppies, but flowers in the shape of puppies. “At first, I was like these aren’t poppies,” she said.

Hollingsworth added: “I took off the wrapping and then saw these weird googly eyes and thought: ‘What are those doing there?’”

After it sunk in that she was given puppy flowers, she told the outlet she was “crying laughing” and thought the mishap was “hilarious”.

The business owner then thought back to her conversation she had on the phone while placing the order and realised there were some signs that they might not have understood what she was asking for.

She added, “It’s funny thinking back because I remember [the clerk] asking me how many I wanted, which I thought was strange.”

Hollingsworth said she recalled questioning the worker on the phone, but ultimately telling her: “I’m not sure, I guess two?”

Two was exactly the number of puppies that ended up in her bouquet. Despite it not being what she originally ordered, Hollingsworth said she loved the creativeness of the puppy design so much that she kept it and brought that bouquet to the event.

“It acted as the perfect icebreaker on our booth,” she said.

Hollingsworth later posted about the incident on her company’s TikTok page as she showed off the puppy bouquet with text across the screen reading: “You guys. I placed a flower arrangement over the phone and asked for POPPIES and got PUPPIES.”

The clip went on to receive over four million views, with many people leaving comments about how funny the mix-up was.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t even be upset at this mixup. It is cute as heck and they did a good job,” one commenter wrote. “I’d still need poppies though for Memorial Day.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Well that is much cuter than poppies.”

“Umm, no lie. If I ordered poppies and got puppies, that’s a major upgrade and win!” a third person in the comments agreed.

Accidental mishaps like this may have been why one couple decided to grow their own wedding flowers instead of purchasing them.

In a viral video posted to TikTok, Tennessee couple Taylor and Jeff Weikel revealed how they got flowers for their July 2023 wedding on a budget. The clip, which has received 2.9m views since it was shared this week, showed the couple documenting their gardening process.

Set to “Texas Hold ‘Em” by Beyoncé, Taylor and Jeff filmed themselves as they grew flowers in their backyard for their upcoming nuptials. “2024 brides: Here’s your sign to plant and grow your own wedding flowers,” Taylor wrote over the clip.

The process began with footage of Taylor planting seeds in small planter trays with soil, before transferring the trays outdoors. Her now-husband could be seen plowing a field to make way for their new garden, as they distributed the seeds in holes cut out along a strip of land.

The Knoxville-based couple lined the seeds evenly throughout the patch of grass, and green stems soon began to sprout. Taylor documented pink, orange, red, and yellow flowers blooming in their garden. Once the flowers had blossomed, the bride cut the stems and transferred her flowers to vases to make a vibrant bouquet.