Woman sneaks horse into her bathroom for a selfie

It’s basically a rite of passage to hide things from our parents – tattoos, piercings, unsavoury romantic partners. But what about a horse?

That’s exactly what one woman managed to do, after she snuck a horse into her parent’s house to take bathroom selfies with it.

The woman, who tweets under the handle @Mares4Life, posted three photos to her Twitter account.

“One time I brought a horse into my parents’ bathroom for mirror selfies and didn’t tell my dad for like 2 years,” she wrote.

The accompanying photos show just that. In one shot, the horse is being led through a doorway into a carpeted room. In another, a woman with a toque that resembles a dog, poses in a bathroom mirror with the massive creature coyly standing behind her.

On Twitter, the woman explained that this wasn’t the first time she’s brought a horse into the house, but “it was definitely the ballsiest.” She elaborates that the other time she brought a miniature horse in for treats.

Turns out barnyard animal selfies aren’t entirely unheard of – another woman tweeted at @Mares4Life with a photo of herself and a goat.

Others called for a new trend.

There were no details on whether the horse left any mess behind, which certainly wouldn’t be photogenic.