Woman sparks debate for buying multiple purses at Dior after employee allegedly ‘disrespects’ mother

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A woman has sparked a debate after revealing that she returned to a Dior store with her mother to buy thousands of dollars worth of purses after a sales associate “disrespected” her mom the day before.

Amadea, who goes by the username @nahtyourbby on TikTok, recounted the experience in a video shared to the app earlier this month. In the viral clip, she explained that her mother had gone shopping “alone” the day before, and returned upset because of how she had been treated by an employee at the Dior store.

“She told me that a sales associate at Dior was really mean to her. She not only ignored my mom and refused to show her the things that she was asking for, but she left my mom standing there for 10 minutes,” Amadea narrated the video. “And later on, my mom saw her serving a completely different family, while she was still waiting there.”

According to the TikToker, she reminded her mom that the sales associate works on commission and likely assumed her mother wouldn’t be able to afford anything because, as Amadea claimed, she was dressed in a way that made it seem as if she was “completely poor”.

Amadea then revealed that she convinced her mother to return to the Dior store in question the following day, before admitting that her mom initially didn’t want to go back, but she told her that “that’s not the right way to deal with your life problems”.

In the video, which showed the pair returning to the designer store, Amadea then acknowledged that “SA life is a tough life,” but that employees could “disrespect [her], but never disrespect [her mom]”.

Once they arrived at Dior, Amadea said they chose to work with another sales associate, who she described as “really nice,” with the video then showing the $3,900 saddle bag that she picked out.

According to the TikToker, during the shopping outing, she and her mother were given “basic customer service,” which included waters and coffees. She then recalled how the Dior SA had encouraged them to go to lunch and pick up the bag when they returned.

While showing the lunch she and her mother enjoyed, Amadea revealed that the SA texted her and asked if she wanted another Dior bag, to which she said yes.

“I said sure, let’s wrap it up as well,” she said, adding that she also bought a few other things over text.

According to Amadea, the trip to Dior concluded with the employee who had helped her mother the day before coming up to see all of the purchases they made before “sarcastically” congratulating their new sales associate.

“As I was paying, the other SA came up to my SA and really looked at all the stuff that we bought and told him congratulations in a really sarcastic way,” Amadea said, as she showed all of the Dior boxes that she and her mother had accumulated, which also included a $5,300 Lady Dior bag. “At the end of the day, I’ll do anything to make my mom happy.”

In the caption, the TikToker added: “Don’t let anyone disrespect your mom.”

The video, which has since been viewed more than 7m times, has prompted a debate among viewers, with some applauding Amadea for the real-life Pretty Woman moment.

“You missed a prime, ‘Big mistake. HUGE’ opportunity haha,” one viewer wrote, referencing the line from the 1990 film, while another said: “A very much Pretty Woman ‘big mistake, huge’ moment. We love momma.”

Someone else added: “‘Big mistake, HUGE’. Glad you stood up for your mom and y’all got better service.”

However, other reactions were less positive, with many viewers questioning why the TikToker and her mother would return to a store where they were treated poorly to spend a significant amount of money.

“Why spend money at companies that don’t respect you?” one person asked.

Another viewer questioned why Amadea and her mother would “give them your patronage after that”.

“So you reward this store by spending money there. Yeah, that really showed them,” someone else wrote.

Others claimed that the Dior sales associate was employing a sales tactic by ignoring Amadea’s mother, and that by going back to the store and spending money, she and her mother “fell for it”.

“It’s a tactic they use so that you will buy more to ‘show them’ that you belong and that you can afford it,” one person claimed, while another said: “You fell right into the trap.”

Some users identifying themselves as sales associates agreed, as one TikToker wrote: “Sales associates do this to get more sales. We are taught to do things like that.”

While speaking to The Independent about the experience, which took place at the Dior store in Rome, Amadea said that the initial unsatisfactory customer service didn’t only happen at Dior, as she claimed “many of these luxury stores had sales associates that were giving us attitudes, refusing to show us other colours/designs, not serving us drinks, etc”.

However, she said that the pair had a better experience at the Dior store in Florence, and that she ultimately believes “sales associates are responsible for representing their brands to a degree”.

As for why she and her mother returned to the store despite the negative experience, Amadea said she and her mother “already had the intention to buy from these brands, so we just picked a friendly sales associate to get them from and we were nice to him/he was nice to us”.

The Independent has contacted Dior for comment.