Woman spending nights caring for homeless in Charlottetown seeks donations

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'A lot of them are grateful, really grateful,' says Cassidy Gallant. (Danny Arsenault/CBC - image credit)
'A lot of them are grateful, really grateful,' says Cassidy Gallant. (Danny Arsenault/CBC - image credit)

A Charlottetown woman is asking people to donate food and water for people who are experiencing homelessness.

Cassidy Gallant and three fellow volunteers have been going out on the streets late nights until about 2 a.m. to hand out water bottles, snacks and other supplies to those in need.

She said they got the idea to do so following an impromptu visit to the Outreach Centre to drop off some coffees.

"There was quite a few people down there," she said.

"We asked if they wanted any snacks or anything, or if they had anything to eat that day. And a lot of them said no. So we went back to the house and made up some sandwiches and brought them down — and then that's kind of where it started."

Gallant said she wanted to volunteer because she relates to the people she's helping — and because she knows what is like to feel alone.

'They need help'

"I used to be an [addict] myself," she said. "I remember just the feeling of having nobody by my side, and then once I did have somebody there just to give me a little bit of hope, it helped me set myself on the right track. And I just want to give some of that back."

She said it took some time to earn people's trust, but many have warmed up to her since then.

While she would like for more government support for shelters, Gallant said helping keep someone from going hungry is worth the effort.

"A lot of them are grateful, really grateful," she said.

"They're just humans, and they're just lost right now. They need help, just like any one of us would if we were in that situation."

People can reach Gallant at cjg05.mfrcpei@gmail.com to make a donation.

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