Woman stranded at airport for 6 hours without luggage after staff shortage

The airline industry has been in crisis for a while. One TikToker shared her personal nightmare at Heathrow Airport.

Americans have had it bad, but according to CBS, European flyers have it worse. Reports of overcrowded airports, canceled and delayed flights and passengers receiving pay up to $10,000 just to give up their seats have dominated the news for weeks. Thousands of stranded passengers from countless canceled flights due to understaffed airlines have become the new norm.

“There are more than a million fewer ground handlers, customer service agents, gate agents and baggage loaders in Europe than before the pandemic,” according to CBS.

TikToker @georginalawton experienced the culmination of the dysfunctional storm when she found herself stuck at Heathrow Airport, and it’s not too surprising. This July, Heathrow workers have been organizing strikes due to poor work conditions.

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“The reality of Heathrow with no staff! Bags lost and piled high, afronation flights canceled. The UK is finished!” the video text said.

She explained that she remained stuck at the airport for nearly six hours. When the flight became canceled, she was “kicked off” the plane after four hours. And with no staff around, no one can find her luggage.

“We haven’t left the U.K. We were supposed to go to Portugal. We can’t find our luggage. There’s no staff. There’s no one behind any desks. There’s no one when you call up. There’s no one in the airport,” she said.

TikTokers shared their opinions on the airline industry and didn’t hold back.

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“What happens when companies run staff into the ground, pay poor wages, while they continued to make huge profits. People have had enough,” a user said.

“Don’t blame the workers blame the billionaire owners,” another commented.

“Billion pound companies and can’t give a minor raise for people to live. It’s wild,” a person wrote.

“This is happening in so many industries around the world. Folks are tired of the abuse and quit these jobs,” someone added.

“I love to see workers actually taking a stand,” a TikToker replied.

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