Woman thanks 'transit angel' for saving her from cold

Anrea Zaslov she wants to personally thank the Winnipeg Transit driver, known only as Dino, for keeping her from freezing outside while waiting for her bus on Monday.

A Winnipeg woman says the kindness of a transit bus driver kept her from freezing on Monday, and she wants to thank him.

Anrea Zaslov said she waited outside the Health Sciences Centre for her bus late Monday afternoon, as the temperature was –27 C.

At the time, it felt more like –38 C with the wind chill, according to Environment Canada.

The bus ended up being 20 minutes late, but Zaslov said she kept waiting outside because she didn't want to risk missing it by going indoors.

Then, a driver on another route stopped and insisted that Zaslov get on his bus and warm up, she said.

"He said that he saw icicles falling from my eyelashes, and he knew he had to get me on that bus," she told CBC News on Tuesday.

Zaslov said her "transit angel" drove her to a stop on his route where she could wait for her bus inside a heated shack.

Zaslov said she wants people to know about the kind deed of the driver, known only by his first name, Dino.

She plans to write to Winnipeg Transit to commend the driver's actions, and she said she'd like to thank him personally.