Woman Tries to Show the World Her Outfit, Instead Reveals Her Filthy Room


Photo: Twitter

Alyssa, who goes by the handle og_pocahontas on Twitter, recently posted a selfie in an elegant gown. “Going to dinner because I needed an excuse to wear this” she wrote. The reactions on Twitter, unfortunately, have not been about her dress.


The room behind her is strewn with clothes, shoes, and piles of random odds and ends. Yahoo Style, in its reporting, could not confirm if the maid had the holidays off. At the time of reporting, the post had been retweeted 3,500 times and received 6,800 likes.

Alyssa’s profile has since been flooded with reactions, most of them negative:

Some claim they even see in a rat in the photo climbing over a pile of clothes:


One user was even nice enough to offer a Photoshop makeover for the messy room:

Alyssa has shrugged off the criticism of her disorderly domicile, saying:

Far be it from us to promote public shaming of any kind — whether it’s of the body, outfit, or housecleaning variety. Yet there are still some valuable lessons to learn from Alyssa’s helpful sharing, including maybe it’s a good idea to clean your room before posting selfies.

She is, nevertheless, not the first person to win Internet fame for taking a dirty-room selfie, and we’re sure she won’t be the last.