Woman's tweet goes viral after boyfriend complains she doesn't dress up for him

Photo via Twitter/disneypr1nc3ss

A woman has taken to Twitter to blast her boyfriend after he complained that she doesn’t make more of an effort to look nice around him.

In a post that’s since gone viral, Harriet, who goes by the screen name @disneypr1nc3ss, tweeted a screen cap of a conversation with her boyfriend with the message, “Warning girls, do not wear a dressing gown when he comes around.”

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In the text exchange, Harriet’s unnamed boyfriend says he’s upset that she wears her “greasing gown” and says it, “Doesn’t hurt to put some nice clothes on.”

Harriet’s tweet has received thousands of responses from people urging her to kick him to the curb, and to be honest, we agree.

Was Harriet’s boyfriend not listening when Drake sang the praises of an au-natural babe?

“Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on/That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong?”

Newsflash: If sweatpants are good enough for Drake, they’re probably good enough for you.

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Harriet doesn’t reveal her age or the age of her hopefully now ex-boyfriend, but we can only guess this is a quarrel between two youngsters who haven’t yet realized that all anyone really wants in life is someone who will sit side by side with us wearing elastic-waist pants during a three day Netflix binge and not judge us when we use our pants as a napkin.

Harriet seems like a self-assured young woman who “doesn’t dress to impress.” Hopefully she and her beau can pick up the phone and call each other to work through their issues, otherwise there are plenty of bees in the hive…or on Bumble.

What this poor misguided fellow should have done is planned a special night out for his girl instead of putting his feelings in text, which as we all know, can be a tricky medium to convey tone.

Sure, in every relationship it’s important to keep the spark alive and leave the bomb shelter of your apartment every once in a while for a romantic date night where both parties shave various parts of their bodies.

One thing is for certain: If you can’t accept me in my dressing gown, you don’t deserve me in my Spanx.

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