Women Push Stranded Cars After Imelda Floods Houston Streets

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston, Texas, said it responded to more than 300 calls for stranded vehicles in the wake of flooding brought on by storm Imelda on September 19.

This video shows two women pushing a car after it got stuck trying to navigate through a flooded street in Houston.

Erika Maida, who filmed the video, said Zoya Banks and Mia Maurice helped to move the car shown in the video and helped to push several other vehicles out of the street on Thursday.

Maida told Storyful they warned about 100 drivers to turn around as two to three feet of floodwater accumulated in the area.

“That’s when we really noticed how deep it was and started yelling at people not to go [through the water],” Maida said.

The National Weather Service said the Houston area experienced its “wettest calendar day ever recorded in the month of September.” Thursday saw 9.21 inches of rain, up from the previous record, set in 2008, of 7.73 inches, the organization reported. Credit: Erika Maida via Storyful