Women Who Ride: Steering A Racing Culture

While Bengaluru is one of the few Indian cities with a solid culture of motorcycle biking and rallying among women, women in professional motorcycle racing was something still unheard of when Aishwarya Pissay used to go for weekend rides with her girlfriends. She soon discovered her passion of riding bikes and racing and wanted to turn it into a profession.

Despite motor racing being an expensive and highly inaccessible sport, her unwavering commitment and dedication pushed Aishwarya Pissay to enter the race tracks alone amongst a pool of men. Today, she stands tall as India’s first ever athlete to win a world title in motorcycle racing. Watch the video to know more about how she pursued her dream of becoming a racer and the evolution of racing culture in Bengaluru.

(Interviewed by Poorvi Gupta; Video produced by Manasi Phadnis and edited by Dhruv Sharma)

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