Strangers Stand Up for Ashley Graham When She’s Called ‘Huge’ in Secret TV Show Recording

Supermodel Ashley Graham‘s name is synonymous with beauty, empowerment, and sexiness. But in a recent episode of ABC’s TV show What Would You Do? she was called “huge” and “too big” to her face.

In the episode, Graham takes a seat with her TV boyfriend and his TV parents at a restaurant. Two women are sitting at the table next to them, close enough to eavesdrop on Graham’s awkward first time meeting of the parentals.

The mother immediately tells Graham, “We were expecting someone a little different than you,”   referencing her curvy figure. The parents proceed to flood her with questions, “What do you even have in common?” they asked.

The two women bystanders stare at each other in disbelief of what they are witnessing.

A waiter was not even able to greet the table before the parents stormed out of the restaurant. “I can’t get over it, I can’t accept it,” said the mother. The eavesdropping women’s mouths drop to the floor with the mom’s final words to Graham: “You’re huge.”

Graham has graced the cover of numerous magazines (including Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue), has appeared in many fashion shows, and has started a successful clothing line and business. But despite all of her success and her confidence, Graham couldn’t hold back the real tears after hearing the cruel remarks.

After revealing to the two women they were on a hidden camera show, Graham opened up to them, “I cried because this is a situation I have been in before,” she said. “It’s never OK.”

However, Graham applauded the women who quickly came to her rescue after the parents had left the restaurant, telling the make-believe duo that she was beautiful and it didn’t matter what others thought.

“We need more women like you that stand up for women in every situation,” Graham said.

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