'Wonderstruck' trailer: Two child heroes transcend time in Todd Haynes's New York City fantasia

Gwynne Watkins
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Two children living fifty years apart find an extraordinary connection in Wonderstruck, the new film from Todd Haynes (Carol, Far From Heaven). The first full-length trailer, above, introduces audiences to the drama’s protagonists: Rose (newcomer Millicent Simmonds), a deaf girl living in the 1920s, and Ben (Oakes Fegley from Pete’s Dragon), a partially deaf boy living in the 1970s. Rose is obsessed with a silent-film actress (Julianne Moore), Ben with the father he never knew — and they both go to New York City to find the objects of their longing. Where do the two stories meet? That’s the crux of Haynes’s dreamy historical drama, based on the bestselling 2011 novel by Brian Selznick (whose 2007 novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret became Martin Scorsese‘s film Hugo). The trailer hints that the city itself plays a part in Ben and Rose’s connection, with references to iconic New York setpieces like the 1964 World’s Fair, the 1977 blackout, and the historic American Museum of Natural History.  Wonderstruck, which received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, will be released in select theaters by Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions on Oct. 20.

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