You won’t believe how much Chris Hardwick paid Mel Brooks for two autographs

Chris Hardwick stopped by Conan, where he talked about some props he bought at auction during Comic-Con in San Diego. Chris Hardwick is a huge fan of Mel Brooks, so he bought Dark Helmet’s helmet from the film Spaceballs.

He had been pondering the purchase before calling Brooks’ son Max Brooks. Max told Hardwick, “‘If you get it, I’ll make my dad sign it.”

So Hardwick got the helmet, along with a Gene Wilder credit plate from Young Frankenstein. He then visited Mel Brooks at his office.

Hardwick recalled the visit, saying, “He goes, ‘How many things am I signing?’ I said two things, and he goes, ‘That’s two bucks — a buck a thing.’”

Apparently Brooks wasn’t joking. Hardwick said, “I go, ‘I only have a 10.’ And he goes, ‘I got change!’ He legitimately gives me $8 and he took my ten.”

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