Woodstock mayor candidate promises 'deepest tax cuts'

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A sixth-generation Oxford resident is vying to become Woodstock's next mayor.

Peter Croves, who ran for city-county councillor in the 2018 election, said his family’s long history in municipal politics had been a driving force behind his mayoral bid.

“I have the knowledge; it’s been passed down in the family. It would be a natural fit for me to have this job for the next four years,” he said.

His family has been involved in politics on and off for three centuries, he said, noting he is related to William Wilson, who was Woodstock’s mayor in the mid-1800s.

If elected, Croves' priorities include boosting the economy in the fallout of COVID-19 and making “the deepest tax cuts the city’s ever had,” he said.

He’s also interested in adding a university campus to the city, supporting the growth of the fire department and expanding Oxford County’s boundaries to their original size.

Croves added he'd support expanding Ontario’s “strong mayor” system — legislation that gives mayors veto authority on specific issues before council — to include Woodstock.

He faces four other candidates, including Mayor Trevor Birtch, who is seeking re-election amid sexual assault charges involving two complainants. Also running are two-term city councillor Jerry Acchione, Woodstock business owner Anthony Scalisi, and David Hilderley, a realtor and retired educator.

Voters head to the polls Oct. 24.



Calvi Leon, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, London Free Press