Woody Harrelson Says He Doesn't Own a Cell Phone to Not 'Be Readily Available to Any Human Being at Any Time'

The actor noted that he hasn't had a cell phone in over three years

<p>Paul Morigi/Getty</p> Woody Harrelson in 2023

Paul Morigi/Getty

Woody Harrelson in 2023

Don’t call, don’t text — there’s a pretty good chance Woody Harrelson won’t pick up.

In a June 18 episode of his and Ted Danson’s podcast, Where Everybody Knows Your Name, Harrelson, 62, told Danson and guest Kristen Bell about his technology-related communication habits.

“Let me explain something about Woody,” Danson, 76, said during the podcast. “He doesn’t have a phone. He’s one of those bullies in life that make other people carry his phone for him.”

The True Detective actor argued that though it wasn’t “exactly true,” while Danson joked that whenever someone says to “Call Woody,” he just laughs.

“Well, I just don’t like to have, you know, to be readily available to any human being at any time,” Harrelson clarified.

“I like to be in touch with people in a way, but I don’t like the appendage on my appendage.”

<p>Kate Green/Getty</p> Woody Harrelson in 2024

Kate Green/Getty

Woody Harrelson in 2024

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The actor then discussed his previous habit of setting a two-hour time limit on his phone and noted how the time would fly.

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Harrelson said he used his phone, which he gave up about three-and-a-half years ago, for texting much more than phone calls.

“Back then I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to set this limit. Two hours,’ ” Harrelson said. “It’s like 9:30. You know, I’ve already hit my limit at 9:30, so I woke up, and I’ve been on it two hours already because, cuz you know how it can just keep going and going.”

The Hunger Games actor also explained that he wanted to be out at dinner and not have a lull in a conversation turn into him using his phone.

<p>Fati Sadou/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock</p> Woody Harrelson and Ted Danson in 2023

Fati Sadou/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock

Woody Harrelson and Ted Danson in 2023

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Danson previously told PEOPLE about how much he and Harrelson enjoyed making their podcast, which premiered in June. “We both had so much fun,” the co-host gushed in June 2023 when they started working on the project. “I get to hang out with my buddy, Woody.”

Harrelson and Danson starred in Cheers together, and their podcast gets its name from the opening theme.

“We get to reminisce and share and catch up with each other, which is alone enough, but we also have met many people between us who we can talk to and find out what they’re doing, including Senator [John] Kerry who had a small [role] in Cheers and we can talk to him about climate change,” he continued. “We can really go anywhere with it.”

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