'Wordle' players can soon sync their stats and streaks across devices

You'll need a New York Times account, of course.

Mike Kemp via Getty Images

The New York Times has announced a handy feature for Wordle players who want to keep their streak going no matter the device they're playing on. The publication, which bought the ultra-popular daily word game in January, said players will soon be able to sync their stats and streaks across devices. You'll need a Times account to do so. Note that after you sync your stats, there's no way to unlink them.

This is a welcome update. It'll be handy for for those who play the game on their office computer during the week, for instance, or on both their phone and PC. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, Wordle stats don't mean all that much. Still, if you've correctly guessed mystery words for many days in a row on your desktop system and you're going out of town, you won't need to break your streak.

It's not clear exactly when the Times will roll out the sync option to everyone, as Polygon notes. Hopefully, the publication can avoid the kinds of issues it had when it moved Wordle over to its own website. Some players lost their streaks during the transition.